Thursday, October 29, 2009

FX School focuses on Mental Ray

In its efforts at being a ‘deep dive‘ center of learning, Mumbai based FX School, a training institute for CG Animation, VFX, Film, and Photography, is amongst other things, focusing big time on production rendering knowledge, especially on Mental Ray.

This focus of the school has evinced a very positive response and has prompted the school to create and devise a short module that will explore the various nuances and tips and tricks around Mental Ray. The module is scheduled to start on 16th November 2009 and will be preceded by a free webinar
on Mental Ray on November 1 (at noon).

Speaking to, the FX School Management consisting of Abhyudaya Morarka, CB Arun Kumar & Dinanath Gokhale shared, "There are two main production renderers that studios use: Renderman and Mental Ray.

Read the full text of the article here

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