Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sapan Narula directs trailer for Justin Lassen‘s ‘Synthaesthesia‘

Sapan Narula, Head of Post production dept at FX school and free lance VFX supervisor and film maker has directed the trailer
for Justin Lassen’s Synthaesthesia 2 Disc collector’s edition of thematic scores. Lassen‘s (A multi-instrumentalist, composer, remixer and producer) Synaesthesia project combines music, story, data, and artwork in a sublime experience to transport listeners to unimaginably fantastic worlds.

Speaking to Sapan said, “Making the
trailer was a little tricky, as all the footage involved were still images, and beautiful artworks by various artists around the world, namely Nykolai Aleksander, Philip Straub, Alex Ruiz, Kornel Ravadits, Bjorn Eiriksson and Danone Rolli. Who are already renowned in the CG industry. So giving life to the still images was the main concern for making the teaser”

After being introduced to Sapan through Nykolai and seeing his show reel, Justin was very excited and wanted something similar looking for his trailer, epic with a dark feel to it. Sapan said, “Working with Justin Lassen was really great as the first thing he said was ‘You have total creative control’ so he trusts the artist which gives us creative freedom to do the best we can. Actually that’s all what we can ask for. His music is already very inspiring and overall it was so much fun working for him.” Sapan worked alone on the project with Justin through nights going back and forth for the styles and approvals over 15 days.

With over 7 years of experience in the field of animation and visual effects, Sapan has worked on various projects with Disney, Warner Bros, DreamWorks Animation at JadooWorks and most recently, on the hugely popular Little Krishna series at Big Animation (as Compositing Supervisor) and he has also worked for Mahayoddha Ram at Pixion Studios (as VFX Supervisor) Sapan specializes in Digital Imaging and Special Effects, Photoshop and Shake being his tools of choice. He loves to create concept art for short films and commercials. Sapan has also worked as Compositing lead for the award winning short film The Bad Egg which bagged World Gold Medal at The New York Festival 2007, and numerous awards at the International Film & Video Competition, and TBS Digicon6 Awards (pan Asian CG competition) in Japan.



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